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Aspen & Snow’s Story

About six months ago, a random purchase of a package of DogJoy Ready to Bake cookies turned in to a pretty big deal at our house. A new Sheltie puppy had just joined our household to befriend our 5-year old Sheltie who had lost her canine partner here at our house. I baked these cookies, and curiously, my 18 year-old son came into the kitchen to see what I was baking. He was extremely disappointed to learn that the fresh-baked peanut butter cookies were for dogs. After allowing the cookies to cool a bit while we took our canine friends out for a walk, I split a cookie in two and shared it with my two Shelties. Little did I know that I had started a nightly routine so engrained in my two Shelties heads that I cannot simply return from a walk and sit down to read or watch TV anymore. A DogJoy peanut butter & oatmeal cookie is an nightly ritual, and I am thrilled to make this happen for my two Shelties. Thank you for a great product!

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Teddy’s Story
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Letter #2004
“Our 6 lb mini pincher with diabetes is doing great on Freshpet Select.”
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“Milo put his nose up at every food until he found Freshpet Select. He is happy again!”
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Letter #3446
“Dear Freshpet, Our female pug who is 7 years old had to get major dental work done at the beginning of the year. Afterwards she was left with only 6 teeth, 4 being her molars for chewing. We tried the canned wet food, (…)”
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Letter #64
“My adopted Chihuahua, Riley, does not care for any of the top brand dog foods. He only will eat them when he does not eat for a long period of time. With Freshpet Vital Chicken Recipe, he begs for it as if (…)”
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Letter #1208
“My 3 Shih Tzus like Freshpet. ”
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