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Ollie’s Story

My kitten is 13 weeks old and was used to dry food when I brought him home. He was only offered wet food once a week by his breeder. I tried both Wellness CORE canned kitten food and Innova canned food, but he had zero interest in either. Having grown up with cats who fly across the house at the sound of a can opening, I found it very hard to fathom that he actually preferred dry food over yummy wet food. Wow. I had intended to try Freshpet Select once he was older, but since I couldn't get him to eat canned food and I firmly believe it's far healthier than dry, I thought I'd give it a try. Well, I'm pleased to report he dove right in and gobbled up every morsel. Yes! Very happy. :) In addition to the exceptional health quality, I love how convenient it is to pour out of the bag and there's no canned food mess left on a plate or bowl to clean up. I buy it at Target and can also pick it up at a Von's or Albertson's in my area.

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Thank you for your "real" product! 4 dogs love it.
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