Tank & Bryce

One pup's true story brought to life.
See Tank’s transformation.

“Let me start by saying I don't, by rule, write positive or negative reviews for products. I've made an exception here simply because my experience with your product has been so amazing. I have an English Bulldog, Tank. He is absolutely my best friend. However, I struggled for a long time to find food that would work with a sensitive tummy, allergies, and other digestive issues. As a result, he was a bit out of shape (even for a bulldog), and was consistently having digestive issues.

I stumbled across Freshpet and decided to give it a shot. Not only does Tank absolutely LOVE this food, it is also very easy on his digestive system! I can say I've never seen the "puppy" return to a dog so quickly after making this change!”

– Bryce P.

We spoke to Bryce & Tank over Skype after reading their letter and simply fell in love! The relationship with Bryce and his best friend, Tank, was something we had to share with other pet lovers in a special TV commercial spot featuring the duo.

Man's best friend

In 2010 after Bryce suffered an injury during military training, he spent a lot of time recuperating. Between surgeries Bryce finally decided to find a "laid-back" pal to help him get through. That’s when he met Tank.

Tank needed a change

Before Tank tried Freshpet, he was low energy and gaining weight.

Tank’s recipe of choice

Now Bryce feeds Tank Freshpet Select Tender Chicken roll twice daily to maintain his healthy weight and playful puppy energy!

Star treatment on shoot day

On shoot day, Tank couldn’t have been more excited to get all the attention. With a day full of play time at the park, belly rubs and a walk through Austin city streets, it was a weekend to remember.