Rudy & Mary Ann

One pup's true story brought to life.
See Rudy’s transformation in our latest commercial.

“Dear Friends at Freshpet,
Rudy became acquainted with Freshpet a year or so ago when we purchased it as a way to deliver some short-term medication in an easy, soft, and tasty way. Clearly, he has never forgotten it!

Recently, Rudy stopped eating. He became weak, seemingly disoriented, and was hardly able to stand.

My husband, who is a doctor, soon came home from a long and late day at work to find my son and myself worried about Rudy. It was 11 pm as we told him of our serious concerns over Rudy's inability to eat and his physical and mental decline. Immediately, my husband jumped from his chair and headed out to the local grocery. Within a half hour he was back with Freshpet chicken and vegetables. It was no more than 10 minutes after we placed the food in front of Rudy that our dear friend returned to his old animated self. It was literally as if he had risen from the dead to become his old bright-eyed, chipper self.

Thank you again for bringing our sweetheart back to us!”

– Mary Ann

As soon as we read that letter from Mary Ann, we knew so many pet parents would relate to the challenges of dealing with a picky eater. So we called Mary Ann and Rudy, and asked if they’d star in our latest Freshpet Letters TV commercial!

Rudy and his four brothers

One of five boys

Rudy pictured here with his four brothers Luke, Matt, Mark, and Sean (from oldest to youngest). Rudy has been dubbed "the clown" of the bunch.

A few of his favorite things

Rudy passes his time playing hide-and-seek with the family and spending hours with his beloved stuffed buddy, “blue bear.”

Holding out for something Fresh

"We now realize that Rudy was beyond done with the old dog food, bored almost to death. Dogs have their own way of communicating, and this pug had to take to a hunger strike to drive home the message that Freshpet is where it's at!"
– Mary Ann

Livelier than ever

Rudy is now a vibrant senior pug living his life to the fullest in Powell, Ohio.