Princess & Kandi

One pup's true story brought to life.
See Princess’s transformation in our latest commercial.

“Dear Friends at Freshpet,
I adopted Princess about six months ago. She was rescued from a dog fighting house, had one back leg amputated from an untreated dog bite injury, and was at the shelter for a year before I brought her home. I always want to give her the best life possible and I believe strongly that a fresh, balanced diet is part of that. But getting her used to eating healthy has been a challenge, and a lot of healthy dog food options sound unappetizing so I can't imagine what they taste like.

Then I saw Freshpet at my local grocery store. It looked good in the package, and the ingredients sounded like something I would make for my family! So, I tried a small bag... I'm telling you it smells like something you would eat yourself! My dog gets so excited at dinnertime, tail wagging, she comes and sits down by her place, eagerly awaiting Freshpet ground chicken with cranberries. When I set her dish down, she has to wait for my command so she can eat – and she is just giving the best/worst case of puppy eyes I've ever seen. She loves this food, and I make all my friends and family smell it. I'm so glad it comes in the bigger bag now.”

– Kandi

Kandi’s letter meant so much to us. After hearing about all that Princess went through, and how Kandi wanted nothing more than to give her the best in their new life together, we knew it was a story worth sharing on TV. We can all relate to wanting to provide our families with the best, and that includes some healthy, fresh food!

A new home

Kandi bought her first home in 2015, and she was finally ready to get a dog for the first time in her life. She was nervous and overwhelmed when she walked into the shelter, amid all the frenzied barking and wild activity taking place around her. But then she noticed Princess, who was just sitting calm and quiet. And Kandi described a connection so many pet parents have felt the moment they laid eyes on the newest member of their family – that it was meant to be.

It turns out Princess had been at the shelter for almost a year, but Kandi was the first person who ever even asked to meet her!

Princess' favorites

Princess’s meal of choice is Freshpet’s Fresh from the Kitchen recipe. It’s made with shredded chicken, cranberries, carrots and spinach. She’s also prompt about when dinner must be served. If it’s past 6pm, Kandi will expect wagging, licking and a butt wiggle to let her know “it’s time!”

The best life possible

Princess is now 5 years old and living her life to the fullest with Kandi and the family in New York. She loves taking rides in the car, cuddles, and the red ball she got during the Freshpet commercial shoot! She’s a pup you’d never imagine has only 3 legs, and was looked over for so long.