Melissa & Zooka

One pup's true story brought to life.
See Zooka’s transformation.

“When I rescued Zooka at 6 weeks old, he had bad skin, fleas and was very small for a boxer. When I took him to the vet, he told me to take him back to the shelter since he would have health problems his whole life, including skin and digestive issues. Two years later, he’s strong enough to knock me down. He's been eating Freshpet since day 1 with me, he's almost 100 pounds and has an amazing coat - not one skin issue or digestive problems.”

– Melissa W

After Melissa wrote a heartwarming review on about how Zooka grew up to be a strong and healthy boxer thanks to Freshpet, we surprised them with an opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to share their Freshpet story on TV. Here’s their story.

Young Zooka

What did you think when Freshpet got in touch with you?

I thought maybe it wasn't real or a survey they wanted me to take. I remember I had to read the email 5 times making sure it really said what it said. I called my mom right away saying Freshpet liked our review and that they want to talk to me about Zooka his story and something about a commercial. We’re still shocked.

What made you write to Freshpet?

I wanted them to know how much the food changed my dog’s life and mine. Because of their food my boxer went from a tiny, unhealthy, malnourished dog weighing 3.5 at 6 weeks with skin issues that the vet told me to give back, to a strong healthy 85-pound boxer (2-years-old at the time) that nearly knocks me down now.

Underweight and patchy skin just days after being adopted.

Zooka & Melissa playing at their favorite park.

The shoot

Our day was finally here. There were a lot of things going through my mind that day. We decided to film at Zooka's favorite park in our area. That's when I started thinking, is he going to be able to behave? Was he going to get excited and jump on the cameraman and push him in the water? Needless to say I was nervous. After a few takes and Zooka got use to the camera and acted like he does this for a living. He surprised me. He was so well behaved. I was a proud mama.

Thank you

It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the day was. Who doesn't love being taken care of? I got styled, had my hair and makeup done, and Zooka was pampered with food and treats. It was such a great experience and everyone was so awesome not just to me but to Zooka as well. He loved the attention!

I would like to thank everyone that was involved you made my first and I'm sure my only commercial experience a joy. And Zooka and I are proud to be a part of the Freshpet Family.

Zooka standing tall at 2-years-old