Booba & Jon

One pup's true story brought to life.
See Booba's transformation in our latest commercial.

“We have a Saint Bernard named Booba. She’s had skin and stomach issues, as well as allergies. We had her on other brands and had to get her special treatments – all with no changes in her symptoms. Now that she’s on Freshpet, all of her issues have been resolved... She loves the turkey, chicken, and beef rolls, and we LOVE this product! Freshpet has cured my dog’s skin allergies and stomach issues.”

– Jon

We get a lot of happy letters from pet parents who find that our additive-free, preservative-free fresh food helps clear up their pet’s allergies. But Booba the St. Bernard had a story that was just like her – too big to miss! – so we went down to Florida to meet her and ask if she’d star in our latest Freshpet commercial.

BIG Sister Booba!

When Booba was 2, she moved with her family from New York down to the Sunshine State. A short time later, she became a super-loving, super-proud big sister to two little (human) brothers.

From the time she was a puppy, Booba loved to wrap her paws around Jon’s neck and give him a hug whenever she could. A true cuddle-monster, she could never get enough of the hands-on attention from her pet parents and siblings.

A Natural Hugger

But cuddle-time was put on hold when Booba started to develop a serious allergy to her kibble, which resulted in digestion problems and a sore, itchy rash. Medicines, prescription diets and other food brands didn’t seem to help, until Jon decided to give Freshpet a try. Within a few short weeks, her rash was gone, her energy was back, and her coat was healthier than ever!

Painful Allergies Strike

Thank you

Now, Booba always has a stack of Freshpet rolls ready for her in the fridge. And she’s always ready with a big, fluffy hug – whether you’re up for it or not!

The Cuddle Queen Makes a Comeback