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Dear Freshpet, My 15 yr old Shih Tzu Deezle, has had difficulties since he was 7yrs old with any food we have tried, to the point of me making Deezle's food. He would continuously bring up bile several times during the day, to not wanting to eat. Any food he ate, he would bloat up to the point of almost bursting. Lately, we have been on the verge several times, of having to make that "dreaded decision" because he was weak, couldn't stand and was starting to mess in the house because he didn't have the energy and/or he was so bloated that he couldn't walk, to go outside. After seeing the commercial about the Pug Rudy, I decided to give Freshpet a try. Deezle has now been eating Freshpet for approximately 2 months, and I can't believe the difference! Although Deezle is 15 yrs old and spends most of his time sleeping, he is a little more active, he even wants to play a bit, has much more spunk, mobility, and is letting everyone know who is the Boss! He almost seems to be younger! I'm very happy and pleased that what time we have left with Deezle will be much more vibrant and comfortable for him. Freshpet has made this happen!