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My Madison is 12 years old and doesn't look a day over 6. She has been eating Freshpet Select Home Cooked Chicken Recipe forever. She is the pickiest of the pickiest when it comes to eating anything and when I discovered and tried your Freshpet it was a godsend. She has an eating disorder that when she eats she will eat all of her food, then go outside and eat grass and well you know the rest. I have spent thousands of dollars to try to get it right, to where she will not feel the need to get rid of her food as soon as she eats it. She will eat all of the Freshpet varieties but the Home Cooked Chicken Recipe is her favorite. I am so glad to see distribution of your product is so many of the local grocery stores here in Riverside, Ca. I don't know if Madison would have made it to 12 if it weren't for Freshpet! Thank you so much for making such an awesome product! Patti Madison's Mom.